Product NameTypeApplication
KemfoamX 2152water base Fiber cement
Astral F0080water basePulp&Paper, water tretment
Astral 5030waterbase  Fiber cement
Astral 700LTPolyether  Fiber cement(asbestos process)
Astral P80Polyether Pulp&Paper, water tretment
Kemfoam 2550Synthetic/Ester Pulp&Paper, water tretment
Astral 151Silicone water tretment
Astral 31silicone water tretment
KemfoamX 8700silicone water tretment


Anionic polymer ( Dry polymer)   

Product NameChargeMolecular weight
Superfloc A1000HMWLVH
Superfloc A1100HMWLVH
Superfloc A1200HMWMVH
Superfloc A1300HMWMVH
Superfloc 8615LVH
Superfloc 8635MVH
Axtral 345LH
Axtral 778HH


Cationic polymer ( Dry polymer)  

Product NameChargeMolecular weight
Superfloc C492HMWLVH
Superfloc C494HMWMVH
Superfloc C495HMWMVH
Superfloc C496HMWHVH
Superfloc C498HMWVHVH
Superfloc XD5300HUH
Superfloc XD5500VHUH


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